Play Hurry it’s Christmas, my latest Flash game

I want to show you Hurry it’s Christmas, a simple Flash game I made for my little daughter, built upon Inverting Toony Flash game prototype turning it into a Christmas game.

She loves to dress the Christmas tree, so once she played with the real tree, I made this little game to let her have some fun.

All you have to do is drag falling ornaments to match the highlighted ornaments on the Christmas tree, with a limited time. You can also make combos to get bonus score and time.

It’s the first time I develop something for 4 years old children so I really do not know if I missed the point, anyway she’s having fun and that’s enough.

About the game itself, it’s very short (367 lines) and probably I will release the source code for free as soon as Christmas ends.

  • very nice :)
    Thank you

  • nice game but noone can win this game :D

  • For 367 lines game this is really good