Get the complete source code of “Hurry it’s Christmas” Flash game

When I released Hurry it’s Christmas Flash game I told you I would release the source code for free as soon as Christmas ends.

Well, Christmas was three days ago and it’s time to release the source code as promised. The code is uncommented because it’s almost the one I used when I published the game, but the game is quite easy, variable and function names have their meaning, and I tried to write the entire game in one single class, to make it easier for beginners to read the whole code.

The game itself comes from the post inverting Toony Flash game prototype turning it into a Christmas game, so maybe having a look at such post too may help you to understand the concept behind it.

In this code you will also find Playtomic API integration as well as MochiMedia leaderboards and inter-level ads. Also, Flint particle system has been used to render the falling snow

Here is the main class:

And this is the complete source code. You are free to do what you want with it, just remember the graphics is not yours but it’s mainly property of deleket.