Creation of a jigsaw puzzle using HTML5 Canvas and KineticJS – step3: jigsaw generation

Emanuele Feronato Game design, HTML5, Javascript

Here we go with the thir part of the jigsaw puzzle generator made with KineticJS. In the first step we splitted an image into pieces, in the second step we created a jigsaw piece shape, and now it’s time to cut an image into randomly generated pieces.

The code is still uncommented but the concept is:

* Any piece has four sides
* Each side can have a “hill” or a “hole”, with the exception of sides on puzzle borders which are straight
* Starting from the upper left piece, we randomly decide if left and bottom sides will be “hill” or “hole”
* Accordingly, leftmost and upper pieces (if any) will have “hole” to host “hill” or “hill” to host “hole”

This is the code:

And you can see the final result here.

Pick and drag pieces around

Is there something more you would like to see about this topic? Maybe how to rotate and join pieces?

Want to learn more? Learn by example!

Get the full commented source code of an actual commercial cross platform HTML5 game!!

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  1. angelo

    your example doesn’t show nothing except a skeleton jigsaw board without pictures and also the lesson/post n.4 it doesn’t scroll at all. I loaded your page on firefox 20.0 and chrome latest version with same result. I suggest to have a look.
    Thanks a lot

  2. Santhosh

    For those who see only black pattern instead of the images within the pieces change the shapes fill property
    from this

    to this

  3. Santhosh

    Thanks for such a great tutorial :) It would be so nice if you can show us how we can shuffle, join and validate the pieces.

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