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Mindjolt forced to remove external links from our/their games

Emanuele Feronato Flash, Game design, Monetize

As far as I know, Mindjolt is one of the best Flash game portals where to submit simple games, for these three reasons:

* Huge number of impressions
* Quick and easy API to be included
* High CPM

That said, keeping games updated in that portal is very important. That’s why you should pay attention to the email they are sending these days:

« You are receiving this message because you have one (or many) of the most popular games on MindJolt! While that is most definitely cause for celebration, it also means more critical attention is paid to your game by Facebook. This, unfortunately, is where the bad news comes in.

Facebook recently passed a measure calling for the removal of all embedded external links inside our games.

Facebook Platform Policy I.13b

Unfortunately, this is not an empty threat, and FB has already begun disabling some of our games; pulling titles at random that have embedded external links. As a matter of fact, the first game they shut down was a game that had a link to! So as you can see, it’s not just the developers who are getting the bad end of the deal. We can’t even link to our main site!

With that said, we must get the majority of our games in compliance immediately. To start, all new/unreleased games cannot have links.

For games currently in our library (in particular those in our More Popular section), we are asking that you update these games as soon as possible and remove any links currently in the game. »

The part of the policy saying we have to remove links is probably this ome

« 13b. Games on and mobile must not share the same app ID with desktop web games off of You must not use Canvas apps to promote or link to game sites off of Facebook, and must not use emails obtained from us to promote or link to desktop web games off of »

So, just in case you missed this email or you did not receive it at all, here are two reasons to update your games:

1) If your game is one of the most popular, you should update it to prevent Facebook team removes it

2) If you game is not among the most popular, you should update it anyway because I think there will be a lot of old and abandoned games which will be removed, and maybe your updated games will climb the cliff of popularity.

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  1. Sebastien Larocque

    Sad news. As far as I can remember, developers have always placed links in their free games to get traffic. That’s how they get paid. I’m not familiar with Facebook games, but I know a lot of them are free. There are always the ads within the games, but I don’t think that’s enough for a developer to make a living. The web is about links. Why should we remove the links from a web game?

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  3. Bingo

    MindJolt is actually a very bad place for developers outside of US. What they do is count only every 5th impression and they don’t give you all the money for many months. They stall, etc. I know this for sure as I completed a game for a US client and released a game for him on the MindJolt, I released similar game for myself. His game earned 5 times more than my game and he had no problem getting his money. Then I released another game where I programmed the counter sending play info back to my server and was very shocked to find out that it counted 5 times more plays on my server that it was showing on their graph. Unlike other portals where you can see how much you’re to be paid and what they paid you so far, you can’t see any info about that on MindJolt.

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