“Hundreds” Flash game prototype – Nape version

Today, something interesting for Nape users… I made the “Hundreds” Flash game prototype using Box2D with Nape, so you can decide what’s better.

It works the same way move the mouse over a circle and see…

… but the source code is different:

Next time, something you won’t find easily around the web, Nape collision handling

  • rreis

    Hi Emanuele, how are you?

    This is a great tutorial. I´ve just started studying Nape and really liked it.
    Could I give you a suggestion for the next tutorial using Nape?
    A prototype of a Pool Game. I really like Pool Games and I know other programmers would like to study it too.

    Once more, thank you for sharing with us your knowledge.


  • The Don

    As a starter with Nape and Starling, this little Tut is top notch and much appreciated. Keep it going Emanuele.

  • Great tutorial.

    I thinks code “var circle:Circle=shapes.at(i) as Circle;” should be

    “var circle:Circle=shapes.at(0) as Circle;”