“Hundreds” Flash game prototype using Box2D – handling collisions

Welcome to the second part of the Box2D Hundreds prototype.

In this second part I am going to add some features which will make the prototype looking more like the original game, while having something different, just to make a new concept.

So the game now works this way:

* You can make a circle grow endlessly as long as you stay with the mouse over it
* The circle will stop growing, and will never grow again, if you leave the mouse from over it
* If a growing circle hits any other circle, both circles won’t be able to grow anymore and the size of the currently growing circle will be reduced by half.

Give it a try:

This is the commented source code for the main class:

and for the contact listener:

Download the source code. Next time, Nape version.

  • it’s hard to play this game when using touchpad :D

  • Agath

    There is a typo in the source code: “isGroving” instead of “isGrowing”.