Syntax highlighter switched to Crayon

Today I have good news for you readers: I changed the syntax highlighter – the WordPress plugin which renders the buggy code I share on the blog with all those nice colors – from WP-Syntax to Crayon Syntax Highlighter.

This will allow me to publish source code in a better way, with highlighted lines, easy options to copy/paste source code, a better layout and generally more control on snippets.

For all you “before/after” maniacs, here is a picture which explains it all:

I am working hard to make this blog as usable as I can, and I hope this will be a great improvement.

Give me feedback.

  • Liktorus

    What an ugly font for the “after” picture :(

  • so are you going to modify all the previous code snippets manually?

  • font: before – better :)
    coloring in the new better :P

  • Left — good)

  • Fudegi

    I agree With Liu.

  • HMmmm… I like the one on the left a little better, mainly due to the font it seems to be easier to read, and things stand out better. The one on the right isn’t bad either, but the declarations seem to blend more together – can can see some of it is a different color, but almost not at all.

  • MC

    There’s a feature we want, that we need:
    Wrap the flash demos into some tab that we can switch on/off
    or even reset without reloading all the page

  • The left one is much better, regarding fonts AND coloring – almost looks like Flash Builder.

  • Matt

    The left one looks better, its easier to read and the spacing just seems to be clearer even though it might be the same.

  • Right is better. Only font-family may be change.

  • aramk

    Thanks for switching to Crayon, hope you find it useful :) You can change the font to monospaced and a bunch of others (the default is Monaco) and also include fonts from Google Web Fonts:

    The spacing can also be modified – if you disable the font-size override from it’s default 12px it will inherit the font from the page, and from any CSS you want to apply to it. Turning it off should default to a more spaced out 14px which most WordPress themes use.

  • aramk

    Sorry for the double comment, but I’ve also added a feature in the latest beta of Crayon which allows you to customise the line-height along with the font-size in the settings so you don’t have to tinker with CSS:

  • I think that the new font is really not good…….. sorry :/

  • Charles

    I really don’t like it, sometimes it doesn’t scroll, and it lags a lot onmy computer

  • Pravesh Agrawal

    Very, Very Ugly

  • I agree with Liktorus, the font isn’t everyones flavor, thus I am sticking purely with consolas and monofonts on my site. I wouldn’t want to discuss algorithms with such an code-font.

    But your site is awesome!

  • Right is better. Only font-family may be change.

  • Good decision.
    I also wrote a review of the Crayon Syntax Highlighter plugin on my website, you can check it out.

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  • wow i like syntax highlighter switcher <3

  • thats i needed , i’m confused to change this , and always show error window ..

  • nice share
    I think that the new font is really good…….. :D

  • i think the new one is seems like notepad ++