Introducing the new Citrus engine

Almost a couple of years ago I showed you how to create a Flash platformer using Citrus Engine, so if you are an old time reader, you should already know Citrus Engine

Now a completely new version of the engine has been released, with these breath-taking features:

* GPU accelerated via Stage3D technology which supports your choice of 2D or 3D using either the Starling Framework or Away3D.

* Open-source ActionScript 3 based community project that you can extend or alter in any way to fit your needs.

* Box2D, NAPE and AwayPhysics are available out of the box. With Citrus you have access to three supported physics engines enabling you to create 2D or 3D experiences. You can even build a 3D game that uses 2D physics, like a side-scroller platformer.

Although Citrus still features a lot of platform game oriented classes, with automatic generation of platforms, heros, coins, crates, cannons and so on, I will show you how to create a basic level of the famous Totem Destroyer game, which has nothing to do with platform games.

First, the main class:

where starlingState is:

Look how easy is to create a primitive Box2D body, but it’s not over… next time I am showing you how to embed your own graphics and extend Box2DPhysicsObject class to have our custom, destroyable bricks.

Meanwhile, the result:

I have to say I like this engine a lot, probably I’ll create some kind of game with it.

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  • Janitha

    All of a sudden I feel it’s so much better than using Starling.

  • I’ve created two games with it. Nice engine

  • Stage3D rox, but there is still too low number of portals supporting it :-/

  • Fakhir


    I ran some comparison tests: Cirtus vs Cocos2d-x. I found that that citrus is horrendously slow and probably useless for real gamedev and deployment on “mobile devices”. For prototypes on PC it maybe ok.

    Tests done on iPod touch 4:

    No. of Sprites: Cirtus FPS
    10 ——————— 53
    100 ——————– 29
    150 ——————– 20
    250 ——————– 12
    300 ——————– 10
    400 ——————– 7
    700 ——————– 4

    For further derails and raw numbers please see: