Creation of a jigsaw puzzle game – Flash AS3 version

Last month I published a 4 steps tutorial about the creation of a jigsaw puzzle using HTML5 Canvas and KineticJS (also see step 2, 3 and 4), and now I am going to show you Ami Hanya‘s AS3 version of the engine.

You can see it in action at this page, it was made with FlashDevelop and GreenSock for the tweening.

Ami also made game based on Toony Flash game prototype, you can find it at this page clicking on the zebra.

Back to our jigsaw engine this is the main class:

and this is Piece class

You can also download the entire project.

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  • logan

    Very nice game.

    Can you help me with memory game i am creating?

    I try put sound,but i cant.

  • Where is the fla file?

  • verdasco

    hi i downloaded the file but i am also having problem locating the flash file. does it exist? how do i publish a swf from your source file?

  • Hi. I am a newbie in as3 . i have downloaded the source file. but i am having trouble making a swf file because i cannot locate the flash file. Can someone help?

  • Eduardo

    Great game :-) but I have a question:
    How can I make it work with another images? When I try with a different image it shows me some empty spaces between the pieces.

    Sorry for my poor English, and thank you :-)

  • A Setiawan

    It’s nice game and great code. But I have a question. How to detect all piece is on the right place? because i need to detect state when game is complete.

    Thank you :)

  • Yaniss

    Hi!! :)
    Can we use this code source to make a commercial game? :)

    • Emanuele Feronato


  • Yaniss

    Thanks a lot for your response :)

  • Martin


    Could you explain me what does dollar sign ($) do in front obj variable in init function? It’s pretty rare for me to see that in AS code…

    Thanks in advance.

  • shane

    how to trace something when all puzzle pieces are correctly added

  • Cali

    @Martin: Some people like to prefix their function parameters to avoid confusion with class members. It does look like retarded php code indeed.

  • Tina

    i want that , when all pieces of x position is x = obj.x; and y position is y = obj.y; that means when puzzle game are completed then play a sound … But how ?