Quick 3D physics with Away3D 4.1 and Bullet Physics Engine

I really like when 3D and physics are easy to use, because game developers can delight us with new and original creations.

Two years ago I also made a 3D physics game called CubesOut, which was also licensed under the Pod Training name for the Mass Effect 3 official site.

Back to our days, here I am to show you probably the first tutorial you can find online about Away3D 4.1 and its integrated Bullet Physics Engine.

Everyting is commented in the code, which will allow you to create random cubes with the mouse. I know it’s quite simple but we are starting from the very beginning.

Here is the code:

And this is the result:

Click with the mouse to generate random cubes.

To get all required libraries, you have to download Away3D 4.1.0 Alpha and awayphysics.

Download the source code with all required libraries.