Announcing “99 Stakes”, my upcoming Flash physics game

I always enjoy making games with a lot of levels, because I love level design. My latest physics game with levels to solve was Slingy, sponsored by Hairy Games, more than a year passed so I thought it was time to release a new physics based game with levels to solve.

So I am currently polishing a physics game called 99 Stakes.

You have to kill vampires through 40 levels by hitting them with one or more stakes.

What makes the game different from others “Kill x with a y” games is you have to kill 200 vampires through 40 levels but you only have 99 stakes to complete the game.

Luckily, you can earn new stakes by killing vampires in funny ways.

The game is almost completed and should hit FGL by the end of this week, hoping to get some interesting sponsorship.

I am really enjoying designing levels, I hope you’ll enjoy playing them. More information as soon as the game is released.

  • Ray Kutro

    Looks nice, so I hope the how to create bow-n-arrow tutorial using Box2D/Nape will follow after the release of this game?


  • Vinicius

    What about mobile ?

  • Looks really fun! Can’t wait to play it!

  • Will keep an eye out. for this. Big fan of yours. Will put it up on my site as soon as it’s out :D
    I’m trying to build up a collection of awesome physics games.

  • I failed to make a kind of.

  • good game….