Prototype of the Iromeku game engine

Did you play Iromeku?

You have a game panel of a few colored squares and, using color affecting tiles, your objective is to change your panel to match that of the target.

I have to admit I did not like the game that much, it’s a bit difficult to play with colors rather than numbers, but I liked a lot the way you can change tiles with a cascade effect.

So i decided to code a little prototype to achieve the same effect, just in a clearer way.

The idea is simple: a Movieclip called Tile with a square and a dynamic text in it called valueText is created, then I am randomly placing ten of them on the stage. Every Tile object has two properties called defaultVal which represents its default value (a number from 0 to 9), and actualVal which is the actual value, at the beginning the same of default value.

This is the result:

Now, we just want a couple of listeners to be able to pick, drag and drop tiles. Picked tiles will be moved on top, this is very important for the gameplay:

And this is the result, pick up and drag tiles

Now, the funniest part. Once a tile is over another tile, the upper tile value is added to the lower tile value. I am doing this only using Display List depth and hit tests:

And this is the result: pick up, drag and drop tiles and see how their values change

Finding a decent gameplay for this prototype is up to you, anyway you can download the source code