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Breadth-first pathfinding in a randomly generated maze

Emanuele Feronato Actionscript 3, Flash, Users contributions

If you are following the blog for a long time, you should know I love mazes and pathfinding algorithms.

Just to show you a couple of examples, look at the perfect maze generation with AS3, perfect maze generation – tile based version and the basics of pathfinding – animated example.

Today Chevy Ray Johnston shares with us a simple breadth-first search pathfinding system (on a randomly generated maze).

In graph theory, breadth-first search (BFS) is a strategy for searching in a graph when search is limited to essentially two operations: (a) visit and inspect a node of a graph; (b) gain access to visit the nodes that neighbor the currently visited node. The BFS begins at a root node and inspects all the neighboring nodes. Then for each of those neighbor nodes in turn, it inspects their neighbor nodes which were unvisited, and so on. (source: Wikipedia)

Click on 2 black tiles to pathfind between them.

And here is the source code for you to study it:

You can also download the entire project.

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  1. Lars Eik Grambo

    Hi. I’m a programming student at Hedmark University College.

    I found this during a random search on pathfinding in flash.
    However, I find understanding your code a bit challenging, since you have not added any documentation. Would you consider adding some documentation in order to make your code more understandable?

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