Let game developers work for you with Mochi Media ultra-referral program

You should all know MochiMedia has a referral program which allows you to earn $20 each time you refer a developer who reachs the $100 payout.

This is a great way to increase your eanings, but it’s flawed by three things:

1) You get the $20 bonus per developer only once in lifetime, no matter if the developer hits the $100 payout every month

2) You will get $20 if the developer hits the $100 payout, that’s a nice 20%, but should the developer earn $1,000 in his first payout, you’ll still get $20, that’s a poor 2%

3) You are getting nothing if the developer does not reach the $100 payout, so let’s say his earnings stop at $99.99, you won’t get any money.

Now MochiMedia fixed the referral program, starting the ultra-referral program which will allow you to earn 20% of developers earnings no matter how much they earn. And, above all, this is retroatcive, so it will be applied to all you previously referred developers!

The system is currently in beta, and obviously I am enrolled in it, let me show you how it works:

First, note the earnings, which have been boosted by the retroactive referral program. Then, see the earnings are based on all 1,335 sign-ups I referred.

It was very nice to wake up this morning and see Mochi owes me a lot of money thanks to the ultra-referral program!!

How to enroll for ultra-referral program

Enrolling for the ultra-referral program couldn’t be easier!! Just open a new discussion in the community with “get ultra” as title, and see your updated earnings.

  • istvan89

    I’m glad mochi started this ultra referral program from April 1st, my earnings have jumped to 2.4k with 268 referals. In a single day!:)

  • pete

    Oh you.

  • Gawd~ I hate you!
    look you have so much money, fast go drink a beer :)

    Good job by the way :>

  • MC

    what if it was april’s fools? :)

  • oh damn. That’s so sweet.
    I wanna wake up and be 40k richer lol

  • oh wait.. april 1st… damn you!

  • Oh thanks for Abdul’s comment, I almost started to look for it.

    But the 20% is quite unbelivable anyway :-)

  • Good! Today is 14th of may, and i even believed it)) but find disrobing comment above