PhysInjector game prototype translated in pure Box2D

When I made the PhysInjector game prototype in only 100 lines of code I told you you would need a lot more lines (and work) in order to make the same thing run with pure Box2D.

Today I am showing you how much work.. this is the main class:

… and this is the custom contact listener

As you can see, the whole script is 138+23 = 161 lines long, moreover I had to override a function, create one more class, and spend more time.

That’s why I am using PhysInjector library for a quick game I am going to release next week.

Anyway, this is the result of the Box2D version:

Click with mouse button above the black line and match boxes of the same color.

Download the source code.

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  • I just see this and now i have a new kind game idea (: Thanks.