Play worDrop, my first HTML5 game

Here I am with an update of my first HTML5 game called worDrop. All started from the blog post the basics of an HTML5 word game, and now the game is almost complete and ready to be monetized in any way.

You can play it here, while I am preparing a proper Facebook page and app to try to engage players from Facebook.

One game, a thousand errors

Being my first HTML5 game, I made a lot of errors, the biggest one is you won’t be able to play the game on your mobile device, making it useless in front of possible sponsors like the guys at Softgames which basically replied to my sponsorship request:

« Is it optimized for mobile devices? We only focus on mobile. »

How did it come to my mind to create a 760×570 pixels game remains a mystery, but that’s what I have at the moment and my take at making money with HTML5 games starts from here.

So while you are playing at this game, I am making a 480×320 version capable of working at fullscreen with no that much CPU load, hoping to get something smooth on every mobile device from non-retina displays to last generation iPads.

It should not take a long time since I used Construct2 to make the game and I will be able to port it to a 480×320 game with not that effort.

Then, I will publish it on Kongregate although the most successful Kong game has less than 100K gameplays which in other words means no revenues share.

Before I make some changes to catch the attention of mobile players, I will also try FGL and marketJS to see what happens.

The challenge of making money with HTML5 games started the wrong way, but I’ll do my best to have some kind of successful story to share with you and give you as much hints as I can to start developing and monetizing your own HTML5 games.

  • Jorge

    Pretty cool!

  • Gjorgji

    “Then, I will publish it on Kongregate although the most successful Kong game has less than 100K gameplays which in other words means no revenues share.”

    Actually, if you do get 100 plays on Kong, it means around $1500 from dev share

  • The game looks great. That is a really cool game mechanism. My only suggestion would be to color code the letters the same, so it’s easier to identify where a letter is. For example, whatever your random color that gets generated in the beginning, keep that color for that letter throughout the game.

    If the letter E is on a green square, then all E’s will be on green squares. If the letter A is on a red square, then all A’s are on red squares, etc. Every time you start a new game, the colors could change, but the point is for that session, whatever color a letter starts with, it keeps that same color throughout the game. Make sense? I think it’s easier to find the letter you want, when you know what color to look for.

    Good luck with the money making!


  • Hi,this game has a clear concept and it is simple and fun.
    Most important is that it is unique idea,creative idea.
    I like creative games.
    Btw 20 days before,I made a game called “Grave Robber”.

    It is a memory game with some additional fun game items.
    I think it is a creative idea and i published it on newsground and kon and mochi and my game portal.
    But 5 days has passed,it seems that game portals do not like the game.
    Could you give me some feedback about the reason of failure of my game.

    Thanks for your time.

  • Zeke

    poppvp, I checked out your game and played up to level 10. Let me be frank… compared to the classic memory game, your version isn’t near as fun or as good.

    1) Whats the goal/motivation for the player? After 10 levels, I dont see any reason to play further as I’ve already seen all the items.
    2) I noticed the timer starts even before getting a chance to select a block. I lose 5 seconds waiting for the animation to complete.
    3) Check your spelling, ex: “dollors” should be “dollars”
    4) The points I get depends on luck rather than skill, when I restart a level, the item pickups are randomly created. If I’m lucky, I get 3 points, otherwise its 1 point. I want to get a high score because I’m skillful, not because I’m lucky.
    5) The game looks like mud. Everything looks like an ugly brownish colour. Graphics are the 1st thing players notice and if thats bad, players wont even bother trying it out.

    Those are just the top of my head. Hope that helps.


  • Hi Emanuel. Do you have any results. I’ve as well starter developing on html5 stage and interesting to share my work. Did you overcome monetization issues? Thanks!

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  • First off great site, I bookmarked some pages a long time ago, very helpful. I too started out with html5 last year.

    I am working hard to give some exposure to my new game that is pc only and can understand now how important it is to hit the mobile market. You may find it helpful to know that many tutorial exsist for C2, especially the one describing how to build the feature for auto adjusting for different screen sizes.

    With limited marketing budgets,it would be nice if a few indies could collaborate together to promote themselves!

    btw here is my game.

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