Learn how to make a successful commercial Flash game – Globez fully commented source code released

Some months ago I released Globez Flash game both on browser and as an iOS game, then I released an horror themed version of the same game called Creepy Couples.

The Flash version of Globez got an interesting success, being featured on MindJolt for several weeks, a portal which is able to make your game earn more than $100/day.

As said in the original post, now I’ve put the game source code for sale, but it’s not just a “give me some bucks and get some unclear script”.

I’ve completely rewritten the game including features people requested (such as globes which fall down to replace removed globes) and deeply commenting every single line of code, now it looks more like a book than a script, and will guide you by hand through the entire process of the creation of the game.

Here is an excerpt:

And this is the actual game you will create:

Let’s make a recap, what you are going to get?

* Full source code of an actual successful game proven to generate income. No prototypes, but a fully functional game with even more features than the original game released.

* Comments explaining every single line of the game, you will actually learn how to make Flash games.

* The whole game has been written on a single class for a better understanding. Beginners will find it easy to learn how the game was made, experienced programmers will have a complete game to start working with.

* Full property of the game: you can just learn how to make a game, or make some customizations and publish it everywhere you want and start to earn money.

Everything for as low as $14.99 – for this amount of money you will get an actual commercial game able to generate that money in less than a day, the full source code commented in depth and you will obviously support the blog which is not serving annoying network ads for more than two years.

Hope you will enjoy it, if you sort something interesting out of it, I’ll be happy to show it to blog readers.

  • Mustafa Hanif

    Can you please share how much you earned from it?

  • This is awesome, fully commented code is something I would have liked to have had back in the old days when learning.

  • got one

  • robert

    Well i just pourchased the soiurce code..it looks great..really nice way of supporting the blog and also building games

  • light.taurus

    I don’t have Adobe Flash IDE and only use FlashDevelop. Can the source code be useful to me? Will i be able to open it without Adobe Flash IDE?

  • Chinnu

    Can we actually use the code to sell the game at some other websites? I mean, can we use it for commercial purposes? Will you also provide any small additional programming help? We’re just newbies as you know :)

  • Chinnu

    Am very eager to purchase the code the very moment I get a positive reply. Please reply sooner. :)

  • Emanuele Feronato

    @light.taurus you will be able to open the main class file which contains the core of the script, but you won’t be able to access the graphics assets, as far as I know, and you will have to draw them by yorself

    @chinnu: sure you can use for commercial purposes, as for the help, I would be glad to post some questions on the blog if they can be of everybody’s interest

  • Cray


    Thanks for releasing the source code. I just bought this and currently looking at it which looks pretty solid and easy to understand.

    I’m just having a hard time editing the layout. How do I adjust the globezCanvas a little bit lower on the stage so I can place the scoreclip on top? I added globezCanvas.y but it messes up the mouseclick function and it offsets the detected tile. Appreciate any help.


  • Emanuele Feronato

    cray, it’s because I am reading mouseX and mouseY coordinates referring to the stage. This way, you have to add the offset to such coordinates or make them refer to globezCanvas.

    Let me know.

  • gman

    Hi Emanuelle.
    I can code this myself but I won’t as it would take me a few days. 14 dollars is amazing for a complete solution.
    1. Please add more games like your bejellewed etc… and I am sure a lot of people will purchase. Please make them better than the stuff on active Den. I will download them all instead of seating in the searing 40 degree heat of Valencia.
    2. We have an edutainment company and will be glad to come to an agreement to buy more of your stuff.

  • gman

    Export the graphics assets to an swc file so the guy in flash develop can access them then tell him to go check out tuts on the web.

  • gman

    Hi I think it’s important especially for the newbies to be able to customize – add effects at the actor position but it’s difficult to get the x and y positions of the tiles selected.

    I’m trying to make my cloudExplosion mc appear at the same position as a tile/actor mc clicked. That actor mc is inside a point vector and those point vectors are inside an Object vector.
    cloudExplosion.x = tileVector[visitedVector[i].x][visitedVector[i].y]

    I trace this out and I get [object Object] – I am trying to get the coordinates not the object itself.

    I tried tracing the vector point and I got the coordinates BUT an error too – couldn’t find the property (x=5, y=2),(x=4, y=3),(x=5, y=4) in vec.Vector.

    Well, I want those vector coordinates so my animation mc can appear in all the places where the tiles/actors are clicked.

  • Cray

    Thanks Emanuele. I got it fixed by referring it to globezCanvas. :)
    However it won’t apply the same fix to the arrow path. It’s still appearing on the original location. Any advice on which code should I put the offset?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • This is definitely going to be on my wishlist for the near future, i have a flash games website and have been thinking about learning how to create them, this sounds like what i need, thanks

  • Hugo

    What are we buying? A direct link download? A CD as appears in the image?

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Actually an instant direct link download

  • Hi Emanuele!

    After the payment, I didn’t got direct link.
    How can I download the sources?


    • Emanuele Feronato

      Hello, I just sent you an email, can you confirm you received it?

  • Sorry, still nothing :(

  • Wayne

    Emanuele Feronato,
    I just purchased the Globez download. It is extemely well commented but I am learning to use .as files and can’t figure out where to changes the X & Y coordinates to use globezCanvas.
    I already adjusted the canvas itself, but need to get the mouse click/touch to hit the correct spot.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Vera

    Hi Emanuele,
    Thanks for sharing this! I’m trying to polish my coding skills and this looks really instructive and just what I needed :-) Unfortunately, I just realised I can’t open the .fla in Flash CS3 – probably created in newer version(?). I guess it’s not a big problem, if I recreate the graphic assets from scratch, based on the info in Main.as. Still, it would save a lot of hassle if you could also provide a “Save as…” version for CS3 (or eventually CS5). Thanks :-)

  • Mahmoud

    Hello Emanuele,

    Does this source code on sale contain the iOS version or just the web version ?

    Thank you

    • Emanuele Feronato

      only the commented flash version

  • Mahmoud

    How much does the iOS version cost ?

    Thank you

  • Pablo

    I have a problem with the new position of the game field, to relocate it.
    I’ve moved globe graphics, hittest for the first click,
    but i have a problem with second globe selection.
    could you help me ?

    Best Regards

  • abri

    hallo Emanuele , im from indonesia want to buy your cd, how i want to get it?

    • Emanuele Feronato

      abri, it’s a digital download, you’ll receive the download link as soon as you pay

  • Ha, I really do think your game has actually proven to generate income… by selling the source of it…

    Good job…

  • fenixxx

    Hi Emanuele,
    I paid via Paypal and received payment confirmation, but I have not received a download link.

  • i just ordered your game globez, i haven’t been able to view the .fla source code i have tried adobe and a flash de-compiler… and all i can get to work from the de-compiler is the .swf.

  • fenixxx

    Hello, I’m still waiting for that download link. I would really like to get the source asap, as I’m working on a project and the code would come in really handy.

  • fenixxx

    Well, at this point in time, I would not recommend paying for this game. I paid, but never received a download link or any correspondence. Looks like I wasted my money?!

  • Emanuele Feronato

    fenixx I already wrote you at the email you entered when you wrote the comment. You can contact me at info[at]emanueleferonato.com and we’ll check your order.

    I’ve sold hundreds of these source codes and never got a problem.

  • Hi, Emanuele,
    I already ordered it.

    May I source use to distribute the game with minor changes?

    • Emanuele Feronato


  • Gobox

    May I know how many source code? may i know the list of contents?

  • miftah

    gooood jooob

  • Just made a payment for Globez. Not received the source code.
    How and when can I get?

  • g99

    Woo, a good way to get more money by your game by selling source code.

  • Stocknfeat


    Thank you for all you do…the tutorials, etc. are invaluable! I was interested in purchasing Globez but first I wanted to know what version of Box2D it is written in and also what version of Flash. I am currently using CS5 and absolutely want to be able to access the associated .fla artwork.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      It’s compatible with CS5 but it does not use Box2D physics. Also, later this week I will publish for sale the Globez engine in Phaser, so you can have your HTML5 Globez, maybe you should wait a couple of days if you aren’t specifically interested in the Flash version