Where’s my water Flash + Box2D demo

While I am finetuning my Box2D destructible terrain demo using only geometry, with a full tutorial about to be released, here is a Where’s my water demo, using the same concepts seen in simulating mud/slime with Box2D, bitmaps and filters.

Click on the terrain to destroy it.

Hold on just a few more days, and you will have the full tutorial.

  • edopenroz

    Awesome! waiting for the tutorial!

  • AndrĂ© Fellipe

    Very cool! Keep the good work Emanuele! =)

  • Carlos Ribeiro

    You are Awesome Emanuel. :)

  • Dunno


  • Super Awesome!

  • Great Effort !! Awesome :-)

  • catfriedrice

    Not sure how, but I glitched it when I made a random click, caused all the newly created circles to randomly become squares, continuous clicking made the whole scene change…

  • hey, that looks great!!

  • The Don

    Keep it coming Emanuele :-)

  • It would more faster, if you will use Nape

  • Looks like bug:
    http://s11.postimg.org/esb8xyoxf/emanueleferonatobug.png :D

    It seems to me – or when you do a hole in the landscape – got lag.

  • siddharth

    yay… awesome cant wait for full code…thx

  • Awesome!!!

  • Why didn’t you just use some kind of SPH? it would run just as fast, and it would look a lot more like water.
    Here’s my implementation:

  • yueqing


  • Tutorial


  • Dong Nguyen

    waiting for this tutorial