Quick Switch Flash game prototype made with Construct2

Some time passed since I published the Quick Switch Flash game prototype made with Box2D, so it’s time to show the same thing made with Construct2, to make you see how easy is to create such kind of games with this visual tool.

We have three physics objects, called Ball, Platform and Goal, and your task is to drive the ball through the platforms to reach the goal.

The problem is, platforms are “transparent” and do not react to collisions until you touch them.

Give it a try:

Try to drive the ball to the light platform on the left by touching the black platforms.

What about the event sheet? Ridiculously easy:

This should show you how quickly you can develop your game concepts with a visual tool like Construct2. It took me 104 lines to achieve the same result with pure AS3.

Download the Construct2 project.