HTML5 prototype of a Mario Bros game like Lep’s World featuring scrolling, double jump and destructible tiles

There’s no doubt the king of all platform games is Mario, but recently I played on my iPhone a great Mario-like game called Lep’s World.

So I wanted to create something similar with Scirra’s Construct 2 and in a few minutes I made a platform prototype featuring scrolling, double jump and destructible tiles.

There are four objects in the game:

Hero: the hero of the game, call it Mario or Lep, it does not mind. It has a Platform behavior

HeadSensor: useful to detect collisions between hero’s head and destructible tiles

SolidWall: the solid, unbreakable wall with “Solid” behavior

DestructibleWall: as the name suggest, the tile that can be destroyed by jumping under it.

Then, I only needed four blocks of actions:

And this is the result:

Move our hero with LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys, UP to jump, UP again to double jump and try to destroy purple tiles.

Download the Scirra project file. Next time, enemies.

  • SadiQ

    Weren’t you a fan of Stencyl?? Why did you choose Construct 2 over Stencyl?
    Is there a reason why the camera isn’t centered on the “player” ?

  • Emanuele Feronato

    I am still a fan of Stencyl but unfortunately the beta is under NDA so I can’t publish anything about it.

    The camera is not centered on the player, as said in the comments, because a game where the player has mainly to move from left to right is more playable this way.

  • SadiQ

    Oh..sorry about the coments…Didn’t read them :(
    As for stencyl…will you make some haxe related article someday?

  • Hi Emanuele, Jon of Stencyl ended the NDA for information sharing over a year ago. Full quote: “In the interest of getting the word out more, effective immediately, I’m scratching out the NDA clause that states that you can’t say stuff we haven’t announced. You’re free to talk about 3.0 in any capacity.”

  • Emanuele Feronato

    oh, this is great! I’ll start blogging about Stencyl again. Thanks for the heads up

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