BWBan universal iPhone-iPad game hits the “Hot Games” list on TouchArcade

When I said there is a lot of potential in PuzzleScript HTML5 game engine, probably I was right.

Last week I released BWBan, an universal iPhone-iPad game made with PuzzleScript and PhoneGap, and today I had my Christmas gift from TouchArcade, the leading website for iOS gaming: I got BWBan featured in the Hot Games list, both in the site and in the mobile App.

I am also having a lot of positive comments and feedback on the official forum thread so I am definitively happy, and now I am planning a paid App using the same engine.

Meanwhile, you should get your free copy of the game!

(Also, I am redesigning the blog – great news for the upcoming 2014!!)

  • awesome :D well done i will try it

  • Nice!
    Itunes web interface makes no sense to me- it just shows one review, and “not enough reviews”, so I can’t tell how many downloads an app might have (unless it’s pretty popular).

    And I guess they removed scroll bars for images too.

    But how many downloads did you receive in the last week?

  • George Femic

    Hi Emanuele,
    I tried out Puzzlescript and it’s a really nice tool.
    It’s very efficient and so easy to work with!
    I liked the graphics engine so much that I made a similar one in Flash =P…