Welcoming 2014 with the most followed posts published during 2013

In a few hours we’ll enter into 2014. First, I want to whish you an happy new year, full of games to code and to play.

Then, here is a list of the ten most followed posts I published during 2013. They are ordered by date, and the chart was made according to the likes on my Facebook page, number of comments and visits on the blog.

Read it, but above all tell me what topics you would like to see during 2014.

1) Create web and mobile HTML5 games with Phaser framework

2) Flash math game in less than 2KB

3) Creation of a Box2D hook like the one seen on iOS Mikey Hooks game

4) Monetizing an HTML5 game: how it’s going with worDrop, my first game

5) Box2d destructible terrain demo using only geometry

6) Learn how to make a successful commercial Flash game – Globez fully commented source code released

7) Where’s my water Flash + Box2D demo

8) Learn to build cross platform games with Cocos2d-X by Example Beginner’s Guide

9) Game on! The future of Flash as a game development platform

10) How to install Xcode and cocos2d for iPhone if you are an absolute beginner

  • suresh

    2) Flash math game in less than 2KB

    was awesome!

  • suresh

    2) Flash math game in less than 2KB,
    this was awesome, 2kb really awesome!

  • Aleksandar

    Happy New Year!!!
    To write in 2014:

    Flash CC
    Game engines
    Native extensions
    Monetizing free android/iOs games

    Best wishes,

  • Hendrik


    First of all the best wishes to you. I really would like to see more on Unity 2D.


  • thankss.
    Happy New Year. :)

  • Peter

    Best wishes for 2014!

    First, thank you for the very nice tutorials you wrote in 2013 and earlier, especially those about Flash/Actionscript with game engines as Box2d and Starling.

    I would like to see more about coding games, or game techniques, in Flash/Actionscript with frameworks/game engines/physic engines, such as Citrus Engine.

    And pretty much same subjects as mentioned in other comments (unity3d, monetizing games for Android/iOS devices).

    “Keep the grass green”
    Best wishes, Peter