Introducing SUPER JUMP in your HTML5 platform games

Most platform games allow the player to do more than the normal jump. Some feature the double jump, that is the player is able to jump again while jumping (check HTML5 prototype of a Mario Bros game like Lep’s World featuring scrolling, double jump and destructible tiles for more information), some others feature the wall jump.

Yesterday I was playing Super Mario Bros on the Wii with my daughter when I discovered the super jump: if you jump, then once your character touches the ground jump again immediately, Mario will make a bigger jump.

I decided to show you how to add this feature in the prototype I explained in the post Creation of an HTML5 tile based platform game with no engines behind: pure code! so now if you jump, land then jump again in less than 50 milliseconds, you will make an higher jump.

This could add some interesting twists in gameplay, have a look:

Try to reach the upper platform with A and D key to move and W to jump. You won’t be able to reach it, unless you make a super jump.

Jump, and when you touch the ground, jump again as soon as you can!

And this is the source code, with the super jump highlighted:

Good super jumping, I hope to see this feature used somehow in your games. Obviously you can also download the source code.