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Complete HTML5 Concentration game made with PIXI.js

Emanuele Feronato Game design, HTML5, Javascript

Pixi.js is an HTML5 rendering engine whose strength is speed. When it comes to 2D rendering, according to the official website Pixi is the fastest there is.

in this post I won’t test the speed, but I am going to create an HTML5 Concentration game using PIXI as renderer in order to show you how to render basic games.

Don’t forget Concentration is one of the games you MUST be able to make in less than a day with any engine (refer to this post for more information).

Icons are a free set downloaded from Elegant Themes which I packed into a texture atlas with TexturePacker (you can find a review here).

Looking at the fully commented script you will learn how to:

* Import a texture Atlas
* Add Sprites and Display Object containers
* Interact with the mouse
* Add filters
* Render the state

Not that bad for such an easy game.

Play with it:

You should know how to play: just pick tiles with the mouse and clear the stage by matching tiles.

And this is the fully commented source code:

You can also download the source code with all required images and files.

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  2. Colo

    Hi Emanuele ! thanks a lot for this tutorial.
    It’s a shame that there are not many tutorials of pixiJS yet.

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  4. WC Leung

    The shuffling code in the sample is not good enough. To do a full random shuffling, do the following instead:

    var from = Math.floor(Math.random()*(i+1));
    var to = i;
    var tmp = chosenTiles[from];

    Note: It is obvious that the code can be simplified further. I just keep the original variables so readers can compare the shuffling methods with ease.

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  7. paul

    Interesting , but why if we change the color of the items we can see all of them , only works if the items are black? is a simple custom change .

  8. abozanona abozanona

    It’s not working. I tried to run it in chrome and mozilla,windows ans ubuntu.and in each time i find a different error in the console!

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