Dedicated to all Flash, HTML5, iOS and Android developers: Stencyl 3 has been released!!

This is a news I was waiting for almost a couple of years. After a long period in beta testing, the amazing Stencyl 3 tool is on the shelves, ready to be used for your next big game, because now it supports:

* iOS (iPhone/iPad)
* Android
* Flash
* Windows
* Mac
* Linux

With Stencyl, you can create amazing games with no code at all, and if you absolutely want or need to code, you can write your routines only once using Haxe, then test them everywhere.

With the previous version of Stencyl I ported Circle Chain and Globez games from Flash to iOS very quickly, so I will definitively use it for my future projects.

The major features are:

* Publish to iOS, Android, Flash, Standalone Desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux).
* Publish all games directly from your computer.
* Unification – 1 engine, 1 programming language (Haxe)
* Open Framework for building new native and pure Haxe extensions.
* Improved Font Support
* Improved Translation (Language Pack) Support
* Draw UTF-8 (international) characters in-game
* Gap Free MP3 Playback for Flash
* Support for OGG playback on all platforms except Flash
* Multi-Mapped Controls
* Improved handling of arbitrary screen sizes.
* Improved Ad Support (iAds, AdMob, Events)
* Improved Social Gaming API Support (Game Center, Events)
* Improved In-App Purchase Support (Consumables, Restore Purchases, Events)
* Improved Native UI Support (Keyboard, Swipe, better Joystick, Alerts, Vibrate)
* Uniform handling of mouse and touch events
* Test on iOS without going through Xcode
* Universal Log Viewer
* No more MAC address requirement to test
* You don’t have to use atlases if you hate ’em
* Improved Performance. Reduced memory usage and churn.
* Simple Physics Mode – opt out of physics for better performance if you don’t need it.
* Reduction of “works only on Flash” features. Core features work everywhere.
* Full Blending Mode support for Flash
* Full Screen Mode for Flash, Desktop

Expect a lot of tutorials during the next days, because I am going to make a lot of experiments with it.

  • Erik Cloutier

    Thanks for that great news! Is it an expensive software?

  • to

    you may change the title, they dumped html5.

  • best decision not to go for html5 …

  • @Erik

    Pretty much all the features are available in the free version of Stencyl, which can be downloaded from The free version even allows you to export to Flash games.

    If you want to export to the other platforms, you’ll need a subscription; the prices start at $99/year. See the details at:

  • Danilo

    Will be possible to export HTML5?

  • ErLuiSS

    someone know how to create a leaderboard online on stencyl?

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  • As far as I can tell they are not export to HTML5, which is just plain stupid. Figure it out Stencyl!