Look at Panda.js HTML5 game engine capabilities with a working game prototype

Panda.js is an HTML5 game engine you can use to make great games for mobile and desktop.


It provides a great ease of use, as well as some nice features such as:

Canvas/WebGL renderer: Pixi.js powered rendering with super fast speed.

Physics engine: hit detection and response with different shapes.

Particle engine: create special effects with particle engine.

Tweening: tween objects with easing, looping and grouping.

Timers: add timers with callback functions and repeating.

Mobile support: make games for mobile and tablet devices.

Sound manager: manage sound effects and music with automatic looping.

Modules: split your game into modules and keep your code organized.

To make a test drive, let’s create a fully working Circle Chain game prototype.

It’s a game you should find very familiar if you are an old time reader, as it has been ported in a lot of languages: AS3, Game Maker, Construct2 HTML5, Corona SDK, Gideros Studio, Stencyl, Starling, CreateJS, Cocos2D HTML5 and Unity.

Here it is:

Click on the stage to create red explosion and blow how much green circles as you can with the chain reaction.

And this is the source code, did not comment it because the game has already been explained a million times.

If you are interested in Panda.js I can show you how to create more complex examples.

Meanwhile download the source code with all required libraries.

  • Shanadeshana

    Thanks for the tutorial! I’ve been using pandajs for a week and it looks very complete. I’d love more tutorials :)

  • Molano

    im pretty interested!!!!
    can you tell me if the tool is for free? and also by this way we can use to create games and sell them in FGL.com????

  • Emanuele Feronato

    The answer is YES to both questions!

  • Molano

    emanuele please post a fully documented install tutorial !!!

  • Molano

    i know that in the page there is a link to youtube but its hard to see the install process, master gimme a hand!

  • Jam3s

    That engine look’s really nice, please show more examples!

  • Molano


    how do you install it? can u please share it?

  • MyName

    Panda js looks very interesting, it could be popular engine.
    Yes, more tutorials :)
    It would be good if you create some mobile and desktop games.

  • Angeloss

    Please, post a tutorial using the p2.js plugin.

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  • John M

    Please write a basic tutorial on Keyboard functions … maybe a platformer primitive.