How to create a “Quick Switch” game prototype with Stencyl

I am really happy the new version of Stencyl has been released, so I can make some projects and publish some tutorials.

Today we will see how to create a game like Quick Switch.

I already made a prototype of this game using AS3 and Box2D and Construct2.

Now it’s time to see how easy is to do using Stencyl.

First things first, let’s start from the result:

We have a ball continuously falling down, and some red platforms. The ball will pass through the platforms as red platforms aren’t solid.

But if you move the mouse over a platform, it will turn green and become solid. Then you will be able to drive the ball wherever you want by turning solid the right platform at the right time.

The ball actor only has one animation, which is the ball itself, and has this behavior attached:

Which will basically make the ball respawn if it falls off the stage.

The core of the prototype is the platform, which has two animations: one called “Hollow”, the default red platform, which does not have any collision shape, and the green platform called “Solid” which has the collision shape.

Switching between Hollow and Solid will enable/disable the collisions between the platform and the ball.

And there’s nothing much to do, but you can download the entire project and play with it.