Tragedy! MochiMedia is closing. Where to go and what to do now

Flash developers all around the world, mark this date: March 31, 2014 as one of the worst dates ever in the story of indie game development as by the end of this month, according to the official post, MochiMedia will shut down its services.

At the time of writing, my first Flash game, Circle Chain, is serving MochiMedia ads for 2,332 days!!

I am feeling sad, just like when an old friend passes by, because I owe a lot to Mochi guys. Thanks to MochiMedia I was able to develop, publish and monetize Flash games on my own, and I am still receiving passive income from games published more than 6 years ago. They gave me all the tools to add leaderboards, awards, track players and links, allowing me to focus only on the bare game development.

MochiMedia API is the most complete gaming API ever made.

So the first thing I have to say is: THANK YOU. I want to remember you with this image:

But, as the show must go on, now we have to face the after-Mochi era, and we have to be prepared to what is going to happen. So here is a list of things you can do or even consider:

1) MochiMedia closes = MochiBot closes: you will lose all your statistics. Before the shut down, you should check which sites gave you the highest amount of impressions (but you already know who they are, because you check your stats weekly, don’t you?). These are the sites you will want to continue to serve your ads.

2) No version control = your game 1.0: if I have a clear idea of version control, it works this way: today you upload your game to a portal, and tomorrow you change something in the game, which is pushed from Mochi servers to the portal each time your game is loaded. Once version control is shut down, only the game which you physically uploaded to the server will be played. Using the list obtained at step 1, update your game manually where needed.

3) No leaderboards: this may not seem an issue, until your game will display the game over screen waiting for a callback from leaderboards. If you relied on some event generated from the leaderboard to let players continue with your game, follow steps 1-2 to fix this.

4) Are you a Mochi publisher? If you run an arcade site and host your games on your own server or somewhere on the cloud with your own account, you’re safe. If you used to call SWFs files directly from Mochi servers, your games won’t load. Chech your portal scripts or your arcade WordPress themes to know how do you manage games. From now on, you will have to host your own games, or at least you don’t have to rely on Mochi servers anymore.

5) Are you an AS3 fanboy? Me too, but if you want to make a living or some earnings from indie game development, remember you also are a businessman. You should also start learning HTML5 and mobile development. I am not saying Flash gaming is dead. I will continue making Flash games. But I am stopping making only Flash games.

6) Find another Flash game ads network. You don’t want to lose the opportunity to earn passive income, so you will need some other game ad network. I would suggest FGL Ads, I also published a tutorial in the post a new way to make money with your Flash games: FGL Ads, Epic Game Ads or CPMStar.

7) Deal with Big portals which run theyr own ad network: sites like Kongregate, NewGrounds, Spil Games and MindJolt can make you earn a lot if you have games that match their target. I personally got good earnings with MindJolt and Spil.

8) Find a new analytics API: I did not test any of these services, but I know they can fit to your needs: self hosted Piwik, self hosted Playtomic, GameAnalytics and Flox are worth a try.

9) Find a new highscores API: Scoreoid and GamerSafe are two excellent services, I also published some tutorials with Scoreoid, check introducing Scoreoid – showing best score on your Flash game and how to create a leaderboard in your Flash game with Scoreoid.

10) Accept the new challenge: this is the most important step, more important than any link you will find in this post. It would be easy to cry and complain about the good old times, the passive income and so on. But you have to move on, and I know you can do even better than the good old times. You are a game programmer. You solve bugs, deal with problems, turn flat lines of code into magic, entertain millions of people around the world. There’s nothing impossible. I am waiting for your next game, on one platform or another.

Last but not least, I would like to bow to three people which in my opinion represented the true spirit of MochiMedia: Colin Cupp, Bob Ippolito and Ada Chen, in no particular order.

Thank you.
Emanuele Feronato
(Challenge accepted)

  • make mobile games with flash

  • YopSolo

    nice post :)

  • Challenge accepted!

  • MC

    Cool and useful post, thanks!
    i have used CPMStar and i was planning to use it instead of mochi (since i don’t know fglAds),
    do you recommend FGLAds over CpmStar? have you tried both?

  • hey emanuele and i have a gaming blog too !
    it’s just that i have one doubt is that
    aren’t you gaming site getting penlized since such tools just use scraped content ?

  • This is a really bad news for me. I havent even had my website live yet then i got this news from mochimedia that they are shutting down.But im not giving up especially after i read this article thank you emanuele.

  • Very useful info. I was going to ask what to do now with Scores and Analytics. Thanks for the post, Emanuele.

    I agree with the decission of stopping *only* flash games. I think some posts about developing games for Mobile: Android, iPhone would be great! :)

    We will remember you, Mochi! There are at least one or two amazing stories of succesful developers thanks to Mochi, some of them posted their story on

  • Thanks Emanuele, nice post!

  • vikkancs

    Dont panic, a new community driven mochi is starting out soon.

  • Sebastian

    Flash games are alive and kicking. That is why there is a New Mochi platform being developed as we speak. Join and share the good news with fellow developers:

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  • Peter

    Hi Emanuele,

    You say that if we are Mochi publishers, we should host the games instead of embeding or direct linking.

    But Mochimedia says that when they closes, we will not have the rigths to use those games.
    Also, I think that some message is appearing before playing the games, something like this:

    Do you know something about this?

    So what we can do?

    Thank you.

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  • Very sad news. Mochi played big role in gaming industry.

    Emanuel have you heard about in game ads and distribution network? It seeems promising

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  • I have one doubt, i have used the mochi ads but they closed their company.So may i use another ads(i.e cpmStar and FGL) in my old game.

  • GameRoll is a wonderful way to monetize your games. GameRoll is devoted to casual gaming sites and is a pre-roll ad solution for publishers that are looking for a new way to make money since Mochi’s closure. GameRoll offers high CPMs ($4.90) and has relationships with major brands. Over 120 publishers use GameRoll to get the highest CPM available. Check them out with the form below!

  • Very sad, now all stats is gone.

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  • is there any other site like mochi?

  • Ron

    You can check in the following link for good MochiMedia replacement:

  • Special thanks to Bob. He was always very active and on-hand to help an individual with any issue encountered.

  • Hi, i seek any other site like mochi.. Do you know anbybody?

  • Email me and I will get you ads for your gaming site:

  • Hi, i seek ads for my gaming site.

  • This means lots of sleepless nights :)

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  • Nice post Emanuele but future services rise like Epic Games Ads and i see them growing in this in game Ads.

  • So sad that mochimedia just ended after many year of success. I guess the only constant in this world is change. Who knows maybe somebody with great mind will just pop-up somewhere and with much better platform than mochi:(

  • Antoinne

    I am so glad they closed down. They system of distributing games was a total failure. Their ads were abusing publishers and players. Developpers revenue share was a total rip off. They made the world a better place shutting down their business.

  • Such a shame. They were the number one company for monetization of online games. This just goes to show that your income sources must be diversified. You never know when a company as large as Mochi can be suddenly shut down.

  • I feel bad for mochi closing ever since i heard the news my games niched website has become stagnant. Oh well it maybe time to move on and accept the new challenge without mochi.

  • Ron

    Not a big deal fellas, check out the Google Adsense ads4games. There is no a single company close to what adsense can offer for monetization of your arcade sites or flash games :)

  • I found a website where you can submit your game automatically to more than 300 gamesites in less than 5 minutes. Here is the website

  • Bad news :(

  • bert

    A good thing mochimedia was closed. There whole system was 1 big scam.