Drag and Match engine like the one used in 10000000 game made with Construct2

I have to say, I really loved 10000000 game I am publishing its main engine made with every programming tool and language I know.

First, it came the full AS3 explaination in the post creation of a Flash AS3 match 3 engine by dragging rows and columns rather than swapping items, then I made the same thing with Stencyl (check the post Drag and Match engine like the one used in 10000000 made with Stencyl), now it’s time to see the same thing done with Construct2 engine.

The result is the same you seen in previous examples:

Click and drag row and columns. You have to play with the mouse but it’s very easy to change the gameplay and feature touch events.

And these are the 35 events which rule the game:

There’s no need to comment it because it’s the port of the original AS3 prototype which is deeply explained, and obviously you can download the full project and play with it.

  • Cool Example!
    Here’s what I did using Construct2. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/640971 Amazing program. Very Easy Entrance. I wonder how many Events have you used, can it be made with the free version?

  • Jinks

    How do you check for matches, and replace destroyed tiles?