Bejeweled engine made with Stencyl – source project released

This is a very old project, announced a couple of years ago in the post StencylWorks behaviors coming soon: complete Bejeweled game and platform patrol AI and Bejeweled engine made using StencylWorks.

Some people asked for the project, so here it is:

Swap fruits to match at least three of them.

It’s the basic Bejeweled engine so the gameplay is a bit outdated because games like Candy Crush and Farm Heroes Saga improved it a lot, but I am going to massively cover the latter in next series of tutorials.

Meanwhile you can download the entire project, updated to Stencyl 3.0

  • Miguel

    Has errors, I was playing and after a while I realized that removing fruit remained an empty space

    In the second picture there are 2 empty spaces at the top and to the side there is a pineapple, in those 2 areas were two pineapples so I guess the bug happened when you were 2 pineapples as they were 3 were removed but left out the fruit in these two spaces.

  • Gary

    This is not updated for Stencyl 3.0 there is stuff missing in the code when I imported.

  • Nice Emanuel. Keep them coming. Why don’t you post links to your blog articles on Stencyl forum also?

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Good idea, GeorgeN. I’ll do it starting from next post