The present and future of Flash game development according to FGL

When we start talking about the future of Flash game development, although each of us have his own opinion, it’s very important to listen to what FGL has to say, as it’s the biggest gaming marketplace.

A couple of months ago, we saw how HTML5 games are generating more and more revenue, according to and now, in their latest blog post, we can see how are web Flash games selling on FGL.

While I invite you all to read the official blog entry, here is a small list which gives a brief statement of the main points of the post:

* There is still a $150k – $250k spent each month on Flash sponsorships

* By the way, some of these money aren’t spent on Flash games for browser, but for mobile devices.

* There is a big drop of “Triple A” sponsorships for high-end games: during the last 6 months only 2 games received more than $10,000 for primary or exclusive licenses

* During the previous 6 months, the amount of $10K+ license was 16. This means an 87% drop.

* Mid ranged sponsorships, on the other hand, are increasing.

* Most, if not every, big sponsors are investing on mobile, and some of them completely left Flash.

* That said, FGL’s opinion is there are still chances for Flash sponsorships and sponsors leaving this market are doing it too early.

* As a final suggestions for developers, they should at least tinker in HTML5 or porting their games to native mobile (or better, both!)

What do you think about?

  • This is why we develop cross platform :-)

  • I think flash is alive) Cool game can be done on any technology, whether it’s flash or html5. Of course, I noticed a trend of falling prices for flash games. I also now try to develop on html5. But also, I know many developers who work exclusively on flash. And that’s fine))

  • Flash will not die easily…

  • Lots of people said to me “Flash is dead” and I am still making games for living and they are not…

  • Spertron

    I´m living makinkg apps with flash (ios, android)+native extensions, with minor changes for each platform. I have almost 1 million downloads of my apps. Flash is dead? not for me.

  • Ron

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  • John

    Developers are clearly having difficulty having html5 content sponsored through FGL.
    as shown in threads like :

    I don’t agree for a moment that html5 is close to replacing as3/air for serious game projects.

    The dust has settled and the commercial industry is quickly realising that html5 is very limited and not the ‘flash killer’ it was pegged to be. I just completed a starling/AIR mobile project for one of the biggest companies in the world, they are very happy and it would not have been possible with html5.

    There are thousands of top AIR/Flash mobile games on the app stores. Machinarium even winning game of the year.

    AS3/flash/AIR is not dead.. don’t believe the hype.

  • Flash will not die, never. It’s a good technology, you can easily convert your game to a .exe for example or to a .app for Macintosh.

    Games for computers are different comparing to Mobile, for example, you can’t play Counter Strike in Mobile, just small games.



  • Denny

    For me Flash is still alive, I do software for a Company (not games) and I do for hobby Flash games, I stopped to develop games few months ago only because if You get more that 5000 euros in a year in Italy You have to start a company (with more than 5000 euros of taxes), so I prefer to stay around 4000 euros a year. And now I get those money without doing anything with old flash games (and Adsense).

  • I still think flash/As3/AIR is rock solid platform. Some people are just bombarding me with thoughts that flash is dead. In the end, good game idea is not bothered by which platform is built on, or programming language. Why companies leave flash is that thy only care about money from my point of view.

  • Damion Murray

    There’s and alternate route the flash devs can explore: Haxe/OpenFL. Here is one dev’s take on it:

  • Ron

    I dont think FGL are right about all this!

  • Hikki

    Well, well, well, I think flash is really cool it’s a shame it’s being displaced. But I do not make games for a living soooo… as a hobbyist whatever platform is good enough for me as long as I can keep developing my crappy games.

  • 2015 and Flash is still going strong! I mean, look at html5 games, pretty hilarious compared with flash games.

  • GameDev

    My goodness Flash will NEVER EVER DIE!!! its all of the HTML5’s idea to destroy Flash by making FAKE posts on the internet that “flash is dying, flash will really die, html5 will beat flash” WTF haha they where WRONG!!! now you see most indie games are made with flash because you can convert SWF files to EXE and by the power of almighty valve you can now join the HUGE MARKET using STEAM GREENLIGHT!!! booya!!! you all lose!!! you haters of flash!!! Flash(as3) and C++ are the best you can never defeat them all hail flash! all hail flash!

  • hey would any please suggest me or help me to make use the combination of flash and hlml5 in game!!!!
    actually i m final year student of btech and i am vry much interested in animation therefore i start my learning wid flash and decided to make my major project on adobe flash player.
    i want to make the new version of old snake and ladder game based on harry potter movie…
    anyone who please help me?????

  • Hey, Thank You so much for the good discussion about the Future flash game development. Here is a lot more things to learn from.