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Just some months after its launch, Install Connect closes

Emanuele Feronato Flash, Game design, Monetize

This year will be remembered as an hard year for Flash-only related services.

When MochiMedia closed earlier this year, most Flash developers started looking for alternative services which could help them in monetising their Flash games.

Install Connect promised up to $1K in advance for the integration of their services in Flash games, and there was some controversy about it as some developers started wondering how you can give one thousand dollars upfront for a game.

I promised to test the service but sadly, I won’t be able to do it anymore as Install Connect closes.

This is the official message I got from Brian, the Vice President:

« Hey Emanuele,

I hope you are doing well. So after a few months of trying to get enough critical mass of game developers and site owners to adopt our Flash game monetization solution, it has become evident that we can’t substantiate running the Install Connect service on a go-forward basis.

I have reached out to the handful of partners who have payments due with the final tally and to let them know that we will send out a PayPal to them in the next 3 days and that we will be shutting down the service this week as well. There was some internal debate as to whether there was enough of a business to warrant continuing but probably, like Mochi, we have found that it’s just a tough business to make work.

Could you take down the ad that we are running on the Flash and Monetization section of your blog when you are able? I’m not sure if you are able to remove the blog post itself, please let me know but I can certainly write something to inform people what is happening with the Install Connect service. Rest assured that it only effects a handful of people who generated more than $10 in payouts and we have contacted them individually and each of them will absolutely get their payouts in the next few days.

I wish that this was something that could scale financially as there are some extremely talented game developers out there that deserve to make much more from their creativity.

Brian »

You may like or not how Install Connect managed Flash game monetisation, but it’s surely sad another Flash gaming service closes.

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Comments 2

  1. Bruno

    This is very sad news, I never used the service, but I am sure it was a good service because I already saw the demonstration video.

    I was thinking to use later too :(

  2. Victoria

    Really a sad news for all Falsh game developers. Can you recommend some other platform or solution to monetize the falsh game? Have you decided what you’ll use yourself? I think it’s a very important topic for all game developers, because we need to get not just pleasure, but money for our work! Would be glad if you share you experience or maybe write a post about platform you think are good for flash games

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