HTML5 Drag and Match engine made with Phaser

I like a lot the drag and match engine seen in 10000000 game, and I already developed this working prototype three times:

1) Creation of a Flash AS3 match 3 engine by dragging rows and columns rather than swapping items, made in AS3 with an 8 steps detailed tutorial.

2) Drag and Match engine like the one used in 10000000 made with Stencyl made with Stencyl.

3) Drag and Match engine like the one used in 10000000 game made with Construct2 made with the popular HTML5 game creation Construct2.

Today I am showing you the same prototype made with the awesome Phaser framework.

Here you can see the prototype, originally made at 320×320, upscaled to 500×500

To test in your mobile browser, you can also use this QRCode

The creation of this prototype was basically a porting of the AS3 version, with the only exception I used a sprite sheet to store images:

Here you can see the commented source code, but I recommend to read the post with the step by step creation first:

There are a lot of games you can create out of this prototype, if you have a nice idea, let me know it and I will be happy do show it on the blog. Meanwhile, you can download the entire source code.