HTML5 one-button minigame prototype made with Phaser

Today I am showing you an HTML5 minigame prototype made with Phaser. It was built over the concept of A strange way to move the player with Flash I published more than seven years ago (time passes on planet earth).

The aim of the game is simple: you control the green circle with the rotating arrow. Once you press/tap the screen, arrow will stop its rotation and your power starts charging. You can see your power in the upper left of the screen.

Once you release touch/click on the screen, the green circle will move along arrow direction, according to the power you set.

Collect yellow circles and avoid red circles or you will die

If you die, you can restart the game clicking here

And this is the fully commented source code.

You can also download the entire project, but I would like to know how would you expand the gameplay and what’s your best score.

My best score is 17.

  • azki

    Very simple and very nice game.

    My best score is 15.

  • My best score is 27

  • seballa

    Really cool game.

    It doesn’t work in Chrome for me (Version 41.0.2272.101 on Windows 8). Everything drawn to the screen stays there. You have a circle arround the ball instead of a moving arrow and the ball is drawing thick lines.

    Works great on Firefox.


  • seballa

    Funny, with the same Chrome Version, again on Windows8 I have no Problems on a different PC. Both are Lenovo Laptops, different models though, still wiered…

    Thanks again