Create an HTML5 game like Mass Attack with Phaser just using tweens (well, almost)

The more I use Phaser, the more I like it.

Today I want to show you how easy is to create an HTML5 game like Mass Attack just using Phaser’s tweens and some JavaScript.

Mass Attack is a very old but fun game based on the very simple idea of balancing weights on a scale. Just press the mouse button to create a spheric weight. The longer you hold down the mouse the larger the weight that is created.

It does not feature any physics engine so I will improve my Flash AS2 prototype I made seven years ago using Phaser’s tweens.

Have a look at the final project (you can also play it with your mobile phone from this link):

Click-touch and hold to create a sphere, release to drop the sphere, watch it bounce on the balance and move it accordingly. It shouldn’t be hard to perfectly create the original game out of this.

And the script was very easy to do, like all Phaser stuff I made so far. Look at the fully commented code:

I plan to make a couple of commercial games with Phaser, I am enjoying it every day a little more.

Download the source code of the prototype.