Upcoming HTML5 game made with Phaser: Sealife Vs Mines

Today I completed my third HTML5 game after WorDrop and Whack a Creep.

It’s called Sealife Vs Mines, I made it with Phaser and it uses an enhanced version of the engine I used in the creation of Flash Globez game.

If you are interested in the AS3 version of this engine, check the post Learn how to make a successful commercial Flash game – Globez fully commented source code released: you will likely learn something new.

If you already have such engine, I am about to port it on HTML5 for you to use in your mobile games.I plan to release it next week at a very fair price.

Back to Sealife Vs Mines, here are some screenshots:

You have to connect as much sealife creatures as you can while surviving to dangerous mines. Will you be able to get rid of all the mines and save a ton sealife creatures?

The game features a fast paced action, particles and a cute graphics. I hope it will perform good, because I am currently developing another game based on the same concept, but with a rune flavour and a more complex gameplay.

Now I am going to look for a sponsor or a publisher, if you have suggestions, you are welcome! As usual I’ll blog about the results as soon as I’ll have some.