A quick HTML5 survival horror prototype made with Phaser

To celebrate the release of the new Phaser version, 2.1.2, I ported an old survival horror prototype from AS2 (Create a survival horror game in Flash tutorial) and AS3 (Create a survival horror game in Flash – AS3 version) to Phaser.

Here it is: move the player around the maze with arrow keys and point the torchlight with the mouse.

Next week I’ll publish a detailed step by step tutorial about the making of this prototype, also adding some new features, meanwhile can you guess how I made it? I mean player movement, wall collision, torch light, and so on.

And don’t try to look at the source code because it was protected by JScrambler.

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  • Cool, the effect of the light is very good. The HTML5 version is very similar with the AS3 version, except for the speed of the square, do the speed is slow in HTML5 or this is a perfomance difference between HTML5 and Flash?

    Also, it’s interesting this example too, because you can use it to make a raycasting engine too to develop some game in 3D.

  • veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy gooooooooooooooood

  • I don’t see why it is so hard to find good (ready any) survival horror game in html5 and believe me I tried. This flash light demo is a perfect starting point for say… slenderman game. Right now I am considering making one out of this . Nice