FGL published 3rd Quarter earnings: gaming market is growing, including Flash!

In their latest blog post about developer earnings, FGL guys share some data and thoughts about gaming market.

With more than twenty million dollars paid out to developers, FGL is the most important marketplace for web and mobile web gaming, so having a look at their figures can give us a clear idea of upcoming trends.

So let’s have a look at this graph:

The March peak – and consequently April fall – is due to some one-off licensing deals, so we can ignore both months from a statistics point of view.

What we get is a growth in native mobile games revenue, which is also explained in Mobile Platform Success Stories blog post, a growth in ad revenue and distribution of HTML5 games, including several featured promotions through Amazon, just like my Whack a Creep game, and some surprises in web-only games, with Unity games getting big licenses and Flash games expecting to have a bounce back.

With the importance of FGL in gaming marketplace, there’s no doubt I already submitted my latest HTML5 game Sea Life Vs Mines, I will keep you updated about the results.

Meanwhile, have a look at the official blog post.

  • Garbage Spotter

    How much money did you get paid for that article, Emanuel?

    • Considering he uses it as a revenue stream and wants others to be successful with their games, I don’t see how it makes a difference.

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  • Great to see, that Flash is not dead (yet). It would be a shame to see how ten thousands of great online games out there will be lost someday.