Christmas Quest HTML5 game is out! Play and beat all 100 levels in this Christmas game made with Phaser

After Christmas Couples published in 2007 and Hurry it’s Christmas released on 2012, here it comes my 3rd Christmas game: Christmas Quest.


It’s a draw and match 3 game like Globez, which you can play both in its Flash version and on iOS and whose source code can be downloaded at this page, and Sea Life Vs Mines.

The interesting thing about Christmas Quest is there are 100 levels, each one with some different things to do, and as you progress through the game, new obstacles come into play. I dare you to survive to ice and fire blocks!

I am also developing a reskinned version of this game with more levels and stuff to be released on the App Store, so your feedback will be precious to improve gameplay.

Apart from talking how awesome is this game, let me show you some technical features:

* Made with Phaser
* Code obfuscated with JScrambler
* Mobile version monetized with AppNext
* Desktop version monetized with Google Adsense
* Kongregate version monetized with Kongregate ads
* Artwork by deleket

Will you beat level 100?

  • Thanks for share! :)

  • Barabas

    Hello ! Great game and great blog, helps me alot :)

    Have few requests if you don’t mind :

    Can you please describe more how to monetize desktop version with Google Adsense. And how to distribute desktop version ?

    Also would be great to see few posts about game monetization, how to, what sites to use etc, when you completed to develop game.

    Tutorial about Phaser classes, how to create them and use would be great too.

    Thanks ! Hope you find time for answers :)

  • SadiQ

    I have a feeling we donĀ“t have the same musical tastes so a mute button would come in handy.
    I get no time rewards for making complex connections? Fine…I’ll just go for quick 3 connections and finish the levels :P

  • MC

    When you say “Desktop version” you mean “Flash”?
    or html5 for desktop? or both?

    How you separate html5-desktop ads from html5 mobil das?

  • MC

    Cool game… i liked the different modes to beat a level…
    Some suggestions to improve the gameplay:
    – More Sound FXs
    – Particle FX when you remove a tile
    – Combo and Chain rewards for match with more than 3 tiles
    – Mute Button
    – A longer music loop
    – Achievements for combos
    – Highscores (even local)

  • Emanuele Feronato

    Thanks for the feedback!

    @MC: no Flash version of this game, at the moment I let the user choose between desktop or mobile game but it’s very easy to do it automatically with javascript

    @Barabas: sure, I will post a lot of details during next days

  • vikram

    Nice game!
    How did you handle multi-resolution issues?

    Any tutorial covering that would be really helpful.