HTML5 swipe controlled Sokoban game made with Phaser step 2: adding keyboard controls and unlimited undos

Welcome to 2015! The new year begins with an improvement to the Phaser Sokoban game I showed you last november. I got quite a number of messages asking to turning it into a more finished game, so I added keyboard control – you can also play with arrow keys – and unlimited undos, which you can use pressing u key.

Have a look at the game:

You can play both with swipe as in the original post and with arrow keys, and don’t forget you can undo your moves!

The fully commented source code is here, there isn’t much to say about Phaser because it’s almost pure JavaScript, anyway it’s fully commented as usual:

Now we need some more levels, a level selection screen and the game is done. Meanwhile, download the source code of the entire project.

  • hello,

    how add more level in this game?

    thank you

    • Emanuele Feronato

      about to show you in one of next posts! Stay tuned!

  • reminder :)