Create an HTML5 game like “Drop Wizard” with Phaser – player movement

Did you play Neutronized‘s Drop Wizard?

You play as a mage in a retro-classic arcade game, you can’t change your direction and the only way to climb up the level is by falling down and respawnign from the top.

The perfect game to be created with Phaser and Arcade physics, and in this post I am going to re-create the game mage movement although I did not like the two buttons control in the original game, especially if you can’t stop but only change direction.

So my mage will change direction at each click.

Have a look:

Click to make the “wizard” change direction.

And this is the script, really easy:

I will add more features – as well as comments – during next posts, meanwhile you can download the source code.

If you have some questions about game mechanics, leave a comment.