Add Box2D physics to your HTML5 games with Phaser Box2D plugin, special offer for blog readers

If you used to create Flash AS3 games and now you are making HTML5 games, probably you will miss a lot Box2D physics engine.

I am really a big fan of Box2D, at the time of writing I already published 170 tutorials about making games with Box2D, released a lot of games using it – let me mention the latest, 99 Stakes – and also wrote a book to teach you how to make games with Box2D.

So I am really excited to tell you Photon Storm guys released an official Box2D plugin for the awesome Phaser framework.

This means a lot to me, now I will be able to port my physics game into HTML5, or at least make “lite” version of such games, keeping in mind mobile performances won’t be as good as desktop/laptop computers.

A lot of tutorials will follow during next days, meanwhile you may want to look at the official examples and getting this awesome plugin with a 10% discount by entering TRIQUI on checkout page.