Create an HTML5 game like Boom Dots in less than 100 lines of code with Phaser

Did you play the iOS free game Boom Dots?

It’s a quick and simple one-button game we are going to create with Phaser in a few lines, using mostly tweens, just like I made in the creation of Mass Attack

First, have a look at what we are going to create:

Click anywhere on the stage to fire the small ball before it disappears to the bottom of the stage. Hit the big ball to score points and advance levels.

What’s your best score?

The game was made with Phaser 2.3 in less than 100 lines of code, uncommented at the moment because I want to create a step by step tutorial later, when I’ll add more features:

It should be quite clear, anyway leave a comment if you have questions. Obviously you can download the source code.

  • Sir im new to this game development i need to ask sir can i add this score in my database for a 3 to 5 player leader board sir !. Explanation when game ends user should save his name and score should be saved with it in the database having one table with two column first will be user column second with be score column