Create awesome icons for your apps and web pages with Iconion

When you are making a game or a web page, choosing the right icon with the proper icon style can make a difference between a well designed and a poorly designed work.

Most of the times, I end googling for some royalty-free icons just to realize they are all to blurry or too small, or they have a shadow while I want them to be flat, or they have a bevel I don’t want, or a gradient background I don’t like.

All these problems are gone with Iconion.

Iconion converts your favorite icon fonts like Font Awesome or Typicons to modern, colorful image icons.

No matter the size you are looking for, from 8px up to 1024px and more, you can save them after adding a built-in or custom style playing with shadows, gradients, borders, backgrounds, rotation, stroke and using the color combination you prefer.

Here is how it works:

Prepare to see a lot of Iconion generated icons in my works!!