My mini book “From null to full HTML5 cross platform game” gets an update but keeps same the price!

When I released my first mini book From null to full HTML5 cross platform game I covered the creation of a game from scratch using Phaser 2.3. Now Phaser has been updated to 2.4.1 and to celebrate this event I decided not only to update all source codes in the book with the latest Phaser version, but I also added four pages of fresh new content.

If you have already purchased the book, you should have received an email with the download link of the updated book. Download it because it’s a free update covering a feature a some of you asked for: saving the high score.

If you did not purchased the book, this is your chance to get it: although I added content, the price remains the same, but maybe with next update I could raise it a bit. Get your copy now and you will have free updates.

When I blogged about writing a book for a publisher Vs self publishing a book – ten differences, I said a self published book can be updated any time you want and you are free to decide the price policy.

That’s what I did, I updated the book when I wanted and I am giving extra content for free. Also, thanks to your feedback I fixed various typos, providing a better reading experience.

You can get the minibook and 24 source code samples for as low as $7.99 and you will help the blog, and the whole world, a lot.

You can also get the book on Gumroad or Leanpub

  • Dannis

    Hi I have just purchased the book From null to full HTML5 cross platform game. Where can I download it ?

    • Dung Nguyen

      Same question. Thanks!

      • Emanuele Feronato

        You should have received a mail with the download link. If not, please write to info[at] with the same email you used to buy the book