Summer gift: HTML5 game Whack a Creep source project released for free

Summer 2015 is about to finish, I am enjoying my last day of vacation and want to make all blog readers a gift: the complete project of my HTML5 game Whack a Creep.

It’s a cartoon horror whack a mole game clone made with Construct 2 which has been featured on the Amazon Appstore for Android (actually, it was featured twice!).

Being a Construct 2 project, no programming knowledge is required to reskin, improve or edit the game.

Download the project and let me know if you make something interesting out of it.

The project includes old FGL API integrations which you won’t want to use, I am sure you will be able to remove them, by the way feel free to ask for advices in the comments

  • Michael C.

    Hi, Emanuele

    I’ve tried loading this page in Firefox, IE11, Edge, Chrome, Safari and Opera and the game never runs.

    I see the Construct 2 logo and loading bar but then just a black screen.

    I’m on Windows 10 if that matters and it probably does.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      I got some FGL api references. Removed them and seems to work. Have a try.

  • Guest

    Nice gift, completely black screen, else Emanuele would ask you to pay for game source :D

    • Emanuele Feronato

      LOL, fixed, thankl you

      • Michael C.

        Yep, It’s working now. Thanks!