Play my latest HTML5 game: Matt Vs Math – Sponsored by Softgames

You are invited to play my latest HTML5 game: Matt Vs Math!

Matt vs. Math is a fun brainteaser game in which you have to solve seemingly simple equations that are designed around the numbers 1, 2 and 3. Three numbers, two operators and three results to choose from, this is all it takes to make really great game.

Does this sound easy as 1, 2, 3 to you? Does it even sound too easy to you?

Well, the first levels are easy indeed. But after a solving a few more equations and playing for some minutes, the game will quickly become a challenging and highly addictive brainteaser!

Play Matt vs. Math now and solve more than 130 levels full of fun and hard challenges!

Now, some information about the game:

THE IDEA: I got this game idea from my blog entry 1+2=3 HTML5 game made in 100 lines of code – brackets included – using Phaser. I liked the original game although I found it really plain and very repetitive. So I created 132 levels of increasing difficulty, grouped into 11 different sets including brackets, equations written from right to left, variables, blurry vision and some more stuff to make the game harder and harder while giving it new challenges. Also, a stars system has been developed, rewarding players who solve all equations quickly.

THE TECHNOLOGY: I made this game with Phaser. I don’t even want to explore some other ways to make 2D HTML5 games at the moment, Phaser is the best framework around so I will be using it for some time. At least for two more games I am developing. The game itself is about 800 lines of code, level data and texts excluded.

THE MONETIZATION: I got an exclusive license offer from SoftGames which is an excellent German based company. While I can’t disclose the amount of the offer, let me tell you I am not missing old time Flash game licensing, although there is no revenue share at the moment. I want you to know I highly recommend SoftGames. Their API is simple, they provide all translations, answer all your questions and give feedback. Moreover, they pay quickly and in Euro.

Now, enjoy Matt vs. Math and try to beat all 132 levels!

  • MC

    Cool game, and cool game design…
    Just one suggestion, it would be nice if the first level of each screen is unlocked,
    so if you get stuck or one screen gets tedious, you can advance on other screen with a different challenge

  • Guest

    Hello Emanuele, can you tell how to put Adsense in HTML5 game made with Phaser?
    I have one approved Adsense account for my website.

    • Emanuele Feronato

      Unfortunately placing adsense ads inside games is against google policy unless you have an HUGE amount of players