My first commercial game is having a sequel: a new Circle Chain game will be released in a few days

If you are a long time reader of the blog, you should remember my first commercial game, made with Flash and AS2: Circle Chain. Part of an experiment to monetize Flash games, it started my journey in game development.

Almost 8 years passed from the launch of Circle Chain, and I am currently finetouching and editing levels to its sequel. The name of the game will be Circle Chain Grid Edition and while it will keep the mechanics of the original game, its gameplay will be enhanced to become half a chain reaction game, half a tile based board game.

Moreover, the way players will advance through levels will be slightly different than the standard “complete a level to unlock next one” and will force players to take some risk.

Minimal graphics and experimental gameplay will challenge you through (at least) 100 levels. Like my latest game Matt Vs Math, I am developing the game with Phaser.

Stay tuned because I am sure you will like the game. Meanwhile, why don’t you get Circle Chain for iOS? It’s free and without ads.