Learn to create awesome HTML5 games powered by Phaser with Interphase

You know I love Phaser framework when it’s time to create HTML5 games. My latest game, Matt Vs Math, has been developed with Phaser and got an interesting exclusive sponsorship.

If you want to learn how to make HTML5 games, I got a guide for you, written by the same guy who is behind Phaser creation.

Coming with 400 pages of pure fun, here it is the ultimate guide to the creation of HTML5 games: Interphase.

Where to start to talk about Interphase? Let me first describe it with the author’s words:

« Interphase is a 400 page bookazine complete with a coverdisk filled with source code, graphics and more. It contains 8 complete games with detailed Making Of guides for each one. There’s a 100+ page comprehensive guide to the Phaser State Manager. If you’ve ever wondered how Phaser handles states or how to split up your game code, this guide covers it. You’ll also find 4 Tutorials covering topics like making a flip-screen game, projecting physics object trajectories and snazzy 3D effects. It’s all supported by gorgeous pixel art graphics with details about the processes that went into the designing of them.

Learn loads about Phaser, direct from the lead developer of it, while having fun in the process.

The download includes the book in PDF, ePub and Mobi formats. »

Now, let me say what I think about it. I wrote several (actually just 4 at the moment, but hey) books, and Interphase represents how a book should be written. During its fast paced 400 pages you will learn to create 8 different games, each with its own game genre:

8 Ball Pool: Pool game using P2 physics

10 Seconds Clicker: How many times can you click an alien in 10 seconds?

Lazer Dash: Collect star and avoid bullets. A lot of bullets.

Mined Out: Half arcade, half Minesweeper

Off the Hook: Feed a fish

Slalom: Ski down the mountain

Aquaplane: Extreme water ski in sea full of sharks

Hot Hoops : A basketball theme skill game

Each game is deeply explained and you will also find all the source code, the graphics assets and a lot of bonus content.

I am learning a lot from reading this book, it will certainly help me to improve my next HTML5 games, so you should definitively get a copy of Interphase

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  • Hi Emanuele,
    Have you tried Phaser with Typescript?
    I am trying it out and it’s good that it is more like Actionscript 3.0.