FGL Enhance now supports interstitial ads for your Apple and Android apps. Add them with just one line of code

I already blogged about FGL Enhance and how it allows you to have ads rolling on your Apple and Android apps without a single line of code.

It’s a revolution because it allows you to integrate ads into your apps without editing a single line of code, this means you can even pick your old apps and Enhance them with new ads in a minute without editing them.

The only negative comment you could move to Enhance was you couldn’t add interstitial ads. This means no inter-level ads, which are a great icnome resource for level based games.

Now you can add interstitial ads, and although it’s not a “no coding” solution, you’ll have to add only one line of code. Only one line for an interstitial ad!

In your game configuration settings, now you can select the option to add interstitial ads

At this time you are invited to download the connector library…

Which as you can see in the Objective C example does not need more than one line to include the ad

I really want to test this feature as soon as I’ll have a couple of Android minigames. Then, a full review and report will follow.

  • Could you make an example of Adobe Flash working?

  • Can you share some data like revenue per thousands for regular and interstitial ads so we can compare them with other companies?